Credits & Kudos

Alana Nuth, Head of Collection Management, SUNY Geneseo Fraser Hall Library
Leah Root, Web Developer, SUNY Geneseo Fraser Hall Library

Thank you and gratitude for thorough research, “going back in time” to write, gather photos, and collect documentation about our experiences:

  • Alana Nuth
  • Dan Ross, Head of Access Services
  • Liz Argentieri, Special Collections Librarian

Thank you and gratitude to the entirety of Milne/Fraser Hall Library, for tireless collaboration, and RESILIENCE:

  • Corey Ha, Library Director
  • Mark Sullivan, IDS Project Executive Director
  • Brandon West, Head of Library Research Instruction
  • Steve Dresbach, Head of Library ITS
  • Sherry Larson-Rhodes, First Year Experience Librarian and Liaison to Communications, Geography, Languages & Literature
  • Alessandra Otero Ramos, English, Philosophy, Art History, Dance, Music, & Theatre Liaison Librarian
  • Becky Leathersich, School of Education & Psychology Liaison Librarian
  • Alan Witt, Business, History, Political Science & International Relations Liaison Librarian
  • Tracy Paradis, Digital Collections & Archives Librarian
  • Tim Finnigan, Library Service Desk Supervisor
  • Teddy Gyamfi, Evening Access Services Manager
  • Donna Hanna, Collection Management Clerk
  • Bill Jones, Digital Resources & Systems Librarian
  • Allison Brown, Digital Publishing Services Manager
  • Patty Hoffman, InterLibrary Loan Clerk
  • Joanne Kamal, Administrative Assistant
  • Bill Baker, InterLibrary Loan Clerk
  • Cathy Taylor, IDS Project Administrative Assistant
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