Fraser Hall Temporary Occupancy (January 7–16, 2020)

Library staff occupied Fraser Hall until a more long-term location on campus was found. In those first few days, library staff scrambled to give direction and provide documentation on alternative sources for print resources that were now locked inside Milne Library. 

Library staff had the chance to request that personal belongings and materials necessary for long-term work outside of the library could be retrieved from Milne. Staff members requested that basic materials be retrieved, such as print files and folders, label supplies for books, physical materials that were in process, and materials used for research skills instruction. Staff requested that photos of loved ones, sentimental items, and other personal belongings be brought out of Milne. While the majority of items were returned to the staff, some items were never found or were deemed unsalvageable and thus destroyed. Arrangements were made for books on course reserve to be cleaned and retrieved from Milne.


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