Book Project Phase 3: Book Scan, Shift, and Sort (April 12–July 19, 2021)

After all collections were received from Milne Library, the library staff worked to sort books and shelve them into their proper location, scan barcodes of books in the main and TERC collections to ensure an accurate inventory, and shift all books in all collections so each area in the collection occupied a footprint that would accommodate current holdings and allow space for future growth. This phase of the project took the longest, and required a great deal of space planning to measure and mark where each collection and each Library of Congress class and subclass would be located in the Fraser and Schrader stacks.

Library staff signed up for two-hour shifts to scan barcodes and sort books into order. Staff in Access Services and Collection Management units worked several hours each day to shift books and complete a rough sort so books were generally in order before other library staff finely sorted books into exact order. Sorting a single unit of books (six shelves) took one staff member about one hour. Library staff spent more than 1,500 hours scanning barcodes and sorting books.

In the process of moving books and assembling the shelving in Fraser and Schrader, the Library’s bookends were lost. Rather than invest dollars into purchasing new bookends, staff members contacted libraries in the region to ask if they had spare bookends that they would be willing to give to the Library. Staff made trips to SUNY Brockport, RIT Libraries, Twelve Corners Middle School, and the Richard and Ronay Menschel Library at the Eastman Museum to retrieve bookends.


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